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Implant, regular or immediate dentures - what is the right fit for you?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

No matter how realistic they appear, dentures are never as good as well-maintained natural teeth, so anything that improves fit and function is a big deal.

Most first-time denture wearers opt for traditional floating dentures, although it is telling that longtime users keen for a better experience usually go for implants.  Implants cost more than floating dentures but few people who make the switch ever regret it.

Using small clips embedded in the jaw, implant-retained dentures provide a stronger bite and put an end to worries that a denture could come loose mid-laugh or while eating.

You might have only half your bite force with a full lower denture. That can be greatly increased with implants, which makes eating much more pleasant and increases the range of foods you can eat.  Getting the implants is a simple procedure but it can make the denture much more stable.

People with dentures are often limited to foods they can eat successfully, which can present problems when going to a restaurant or a friend’s house for dinner. For some people, the pain and embarrassment of poorly fitting dentures is enough to stop them going out at all.

With implants, the denture can still be removed for cleaning or any other time the wearer wants, but when attached will stay securely in place.

The clips that hold the denture are implanted by an oral surgeon or dentist and usually take a couple of months to bed in.

The denture, meanwhile, is prepared by a specialist clinic such as Dentures Plus, which has one of the best-equipped facilities in Christchurch.

Implant, regular and “immediate” dentures – which can be fitted the same day teeth are removed – are custom-made for patients using high-tech fabrication processes at the St Albans clinic.

Acrylic is used to produce hard-wearing dentures with the snuggist, most true-to-form fit the industry can provide, while teeth are painstakingly positioned with the tiny twists and turns that ensure a finish indistinguishable from the real thing.

Sometimes a patient’s existing denture can be used for attaching to implants.

Dentures of all kinds require proper upkeep if they are to remain comfortable and free of the bacteria that can cause bad breath.  Unfortunately, most cleaning solutions sold in supermarkets do a poor job of removing the plaque and bacteria that can build up on not only the teeth but also the denture, by far the best cleaning product is Caldent.

Known to be the gold standard in denture cleaning solutions, Caldent is sold over the counter at Dentures Plus or online through our website. Solution baths, brushes, pastes and options for pain relief are also available.

We offer a free consultation to allow us to evaluate your dentures and give you all the options

Dentures Plus is located at 396 Innes Rd, St Albans. Call us on 03 385 5517 or shop online at 


Don't skip out on your denture care!

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Dentures are a significant investment with massive payoffs by way of improved diet, appearance and self-confidence, so it makes sense to maintain them.

However, many people either skip their daily maintenance, use a substandard cleaning product or are missing the regular in-clinic check ups so important for a lasting good fit, this most commonly shows as bad breath.

With tartar and bacteria able to form on the hard surfaces of dentures as well as teeth, people need to take care to clean the hidden and visible parts of a denture

For this, Caldent is the best cleaning solution on the market. Made in Australia, Caldent is dissolved in warm water and used to soak dentures for 15-30 minutes before a light brush to remove plaque and staining.  An overnight soak might be necessary the first time but then once a week is usually enough.  

Caldent is much better than anything you’ll find in the supermarket, which makes it one of the most important products for someone with dentures to have.

If plaque and calculus are allowed to build up, it can change the fit of the denture and cause irritation and soreness to the gums. There's also a chance of ulcers and infection.

Dentures need manual brushing to remove food debris but they also need to be soaked to remove stains, bacteria, plaque and calculus.

Caldent is available over the counter at Dentures Plus or via our website for home delivery. A box of 16 single-use sachets which is enough for four months costs $23.

For especially hard-to-clean dentures, the clinic has a specialised ultrasonic cleaning machine that in a few hours can produce a result that would take a week at home.

There is more to denture maintenance than just cleaning, though.  Teeth wear and eventually need replacing, and normal changes in the shape of the mouth over time can require dentures to be adjusted or replaced.

Once dentures lose their snug fit and start to slip or pinch the gum, eating becomes more difficult, soreness increases and the likelihood of infections grows, to avoid this, professional checkups every 2-3 years are advised.

It's like a warrant of fitness for your mouth. We check the denture, gums, any remaining teeth and the tongue for abnormalities such as potential oral cancers or growths that could turn into a major problem if left unchecked.

A loose denture can cause a lot of unnoticeable problems and disguise issues that could flare up. But if we catch problems early, it's normally a simple fix to get you back on track.

Dentures Plus provides full and partial dentures in a variety of styles, as well as repairs, having the city’s only welder specifically designed for dentures.

Our online shop supplies denture care products, including cleaning pastes and solutions, denture baths, brushes and gels, sprays and solutions for pain relief.

Dentures Plus is located at 396 Innes Rd, St Albans. Call us on 03 385 5517 or shop online at

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