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Dentures left unchecked can lead to inflammation and redness of gums...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Habits that have led people to require dentures need to be avoided even after replacement teeth have been fitted, says one of the city’s leading denture providers, warning that neglect is a growing problem among young people seeking treatment.

Ryan Carlton, owner of the Dentures Plus clinic in St Albans, says once dentures have been fitted, people need to take care of them to avoid a repeat of problems.

Regular cleaning with a solution made especially for dentures can avoid the staining and buildup of plaque and tartar that allow bacteria to grow.

Dentures left unchecked can lead to inflammation and redness of gums, which can at times be painful, Ryan says.

“If you keep your dentures nice and clean, your gum tissues stay clean and healthy, too,” he says. “It’s a bit like if you keep wearing old socks, then you’re going to have foot problems.”

Dentures Plus sells the industry-standard of cleaning solutions, Caldent, directly to the public at its Innes Rd clinic and through its website.

A cleaning service for people who want to restore their dentures can be provided in a same-day service that combines Caldent and specialised ultrasonic machine to give in a few hours a clean that would take a week at home.

Denture maintenance involves more than just cleaning, though, Ryan says.

Like natural teeth, denture teeth wear over time and can need replacing.

Changes in the shape in the mouth – something that occurs continuously as we age – can also mean dentures that fit when first made start slipping, pinch the gum, or have gaps with the gum after a while. This can cause loss of function, soreness, and an increase the likelihood of bacteria growth.

“Dentures should be checked every two to three years,” Ryan says.

“It’s like a warrant of fitness for them, so that we can pick up any problems and fix them before they become serious.”

As one of the South Island’s leading denture manufacturers, Dentures Plus provides fitting, fabrication and after-care services through a team of friendly clinicians and technicians.

An onsite laboratory often handles work on behalf of dentists from across New Zealand, while a welder designed specifically for partial dentures allows the clinic to make repairs stronger than anywhere else in the city.

Ryan says high demand for the services of Dentures Plus is a sign the business is on the right track. He notes, however, that the increasing number of people seen by the clinic who need dentures for the first time is indicative of wider problems in oral health.

Dentists are too expensive for many people, and heavy consumption of fizzy drinks is contributing to people in their 20s and 30s requiring replacement teeth, he says.

New dentures by Dentures Plus can change lives by restoring functionality and boosting confidence through a beautiful and natural smile. But preserving what you’ve already got, whether natural teeth or existing dentures, is always best, Ryan says.

To arrange for a free consultation at Dentures Plus, phone 0800 456 902. Care products can be ordered online at

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