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The Press - Interview with Ryan Carlton of Christchurch's Dentures Plus

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dentures made using the latest acrylic injection method give users the best chance of a snug, comfortable fit in keeping with teeth that are already indistinguishable from the real thing.

However, even with the best dentures on the market require regular checks and upkeep if they are to give wearers the best performance and feel, dentures artist and clinician Ryan Carlton says.

Ryan, who runs the Dentures Plus clinic and laboratory in St Albans, manufactures dentures directly for patients as well as for dentists from across New Zealand who rely upon his expertise in this advancing field.

An acrylic injection machine, like that used by Dentures Plus, is the surest way to create a mould that fits comfortably over the gums, as the process is far less likely to result in shrinkage or loss of shape in the cooling phase of production.

Nothing, however, can prevent the mouth changing shape, Ryan says.

“Like the rest of the body, the mouth isn’t immune to the effects of ageing, and that’s one reason we recommend dentures be checked every two or three years. We can make sure they’re fitting well, because that’s very important to preventing buildup of bacteria and inflammation where gaps may be forming,” he says. Sometimes people might not even be aware there’s a problem and a check-up by someone who knows what they’re doing can help catch potentially seriously problems at an early stage.”

Infection is the most common concern with poorly fitting dentures, though regular inspections have been known to identify mouth cancers before they’ve become advanced, Ryan says.

Also working at Dentures Plus are clinicians Nicole Yee and Thomas Gu, who like Ryan spend time consulting with patients to find the best solution for each situation.

Support in manufacturing dentures is provided by Paula Brickman and Marion Carlton, while practice manager Paulette Dench is usually the smiling face most people see at reception.

Together, they compromise one of the South Island’s most experienced and forward-thinking denture teams.

Free initial consultations let people raise any questions they might have, while people simply wanting to look after their dentures can find some of the industry’s most effective cleaning products available at the clinic, provided at low prices direct to the public.

For cleaning solutions, Ryan recommends Caldent, which he says is “head and shoulders above what you’ll find on the supermarket shelves”.

Caldent and other care products can be bought via the Dentures Plus website and couriered to users at home, or picked up in person at the Innes Rd clinic.

Consultations are always private and Ryan says many patients return to Dentures Plus for the empathetic and good-natured approach of staff.

“When you see people’s confidence come back with a beautiful new smile, it’s very rewarding for us too,” Ryan says. “Helping people is a big part of why we do this.”

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