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About Us

Dentures Plus, Christchurch was established in the late 1990’s and delivers best in class dental services to our personal clients and also dental practitioners throughout New Zealand.

A denture is an appliance that you insert in the mouth to replace natural teeth and to provide support for cheeks and lips. If you have lost one or several teeth due to gum disease or extraction, dentures may be the most appropriate and affordable solution.

Our Services include:

Full & Partial Dentures

Complete dentures rest directly on the gums and cover the entire jaw. This is a suitable option when all the teeth are missing. Complete dentures can be either replacement or first time immediate dentures.

A partial denture typically consists of the placement teeth that are attached to a gum coloured base, and retained by clasps around the existing teeth. Partial dentures can make biting and chewing easier, and enhance your smile. They are used when the patient has some natural teeth left in the upper or lower jaw. The partial denture will fill the empty spaces created by the missing teeth, and prevent other teeth from drifting to new position. There are several options for materials that partial dentures can be made from including acrylic and chrome partial dentures.

Injection Moulded, Flexible Partials

As there are different partials available we aim to offer our expertise to help you make the right decision. Whether it maybe Acrylic, Chrome or Flexible resins we are able to provide such services and more to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new dentures.

Denture Repairs

Dentures can break for many reasons, whether it’s through an accident or your denture is not fitting properly, it never happens at a good time. The team at Dentures Plus will repair your denture and have you back on track in no time. Call us or come into our clinic for your repair.

Implant Assisted Dentures

Need to lock your dentures in place? We offer such services when it comes to dentures. There may be many reasons why implant assisted dentures are for you, such as no rocking and flopping around in your mouth, removable yet provide tremendous support, fixation and more. Think implant assisted dentures are for you? Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation today.


Dentures require relining at least every two years to restore the retentive qualities and maintain a comfortable fit. When using dentures, your gum may begin to change and this results in the denture feeling looser and a great time for a reline.

Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards are an essential part of playing sports. Not only do they help to protect your teeth, in some jaw related impacts they may also help limit concussion and jaw injuries. Call us today to have a Custom Fitted Mouth guard made for you from a wide range of colours and styles.

Why Us

Our team includes Fully Qualified and very talented Clinical Dental Technicians who will aid you in the fitting and construction of your new dentures. A Clinical Dental Technician is not a dentist, but a professional who consults directly with patients to provide dentures as well as other dental appliances.

All too often we hear that people feel they don’t have a solution when it comes to tooth loss or not been able to have the natural smile they have longed for. Here at Dentures Plus we have been providing solutions to such issues for many years and aim to continue doing so for many more. The increase in technology in our industry has allowed for a higher accuracy in creating complete and partial dentures, flexible partials, sports mouth guards and bite splints.

Our Dentures Plus team are highly experienced dental professionals who strive to achieve the highest quality of service, whether it may be for full or partial dentures, implant assisted dentures, relines, mouth guards and across the wide range of other services we provide.

Best denture cleaning solution with Caldent Denture Cleaner

Just like natural teeth, dentures need to be effectively cleaned daily to reduce the amount of bacteria, stains, plaque and tartar that can accumulate on them, keeping your dentures clean will greatly aid in keeping your whole mouth clean and healthy. They need to be cleaned with a denture toothpaste and a brush and we also highly recommend Caldent Denture Cleaner. Caldent can effectively remove years of stains and built up deposits of plaque and tartar, patients are constantly telling us that they have used other products for years with poor results and when they changed to Caldent they saw the benefits within a few days.

Dentures Plus - About Us
Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards created to help Kiwis keep teeth intact.

Dentures Plus - About Us
Denture Repairs

Dentures can break for many reasons, The team at Dentures Plus will have you back on track in no time.

Dentures Plus - About Us

Buy denture cleaning and care products online.

Dentures Plus - About Us

Five qualified dental technicians on-site.