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Denture Brush

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  • Denture Brush

    • $10.00

    Here at Dentures Plus we stock the Luxident Denture Brush. This brush has a large handle which makes it easy to hold, especially for people who have limited strength in their hands. It also has bristles on both sides of the head, with one side having longer bristles which are made for effectively cleaning the fitting surface of your dentures and getting into those hard to reach places.

    It also comes with a handy hook with an adhesive sticker on the back for attaching to the bathroom wall. At only $10 every denture wearer needs to have one of these!

    Denture Brush
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Dentures Plus - Denture Brush
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Dentures Plus - Denture Brush
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Dentures Plus - Denture Brush

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Dentures Plus - Denture Brush

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