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Mouth Guards Christchurch

Whether it is flashing a winning smile to make a good first impression or even just having a healthy mouth, our teeth are an important part of our day-to-day life.

That is why, at Dentures Plus, we believe in the importance of protecting one's teeth. Our teeth are an important part of our lives, but unfortunately they can be damaged rather easily. Whether it is due to erosion over time or even damage from impact, we need to ensure we do all we can to keep our teeth protected. To help Kiwis keep their teeth intact, Dentures Plus are here to provide you with the very finest in custom mouth guards Christchurch wide.

As a proud New Zealand owned and operated company, we recognise that sport is a huge part of most Kiwis' lives. Growing up in New Zealand, we are used to playing sport whether it's a bit of backyard cricket or lacing the boots up for rugby on Saturday. But a part of playing sport is knowing how to protect yourself from injuries and this includes adequate protection for your teeth. To help you retain your full smile for longer, Dentures Plus offers exclusive custom fitted mouth guards Christchurch wide, that are specially designed to not only fit comfortably in your mouth, but also offer your teeth the best protection possible.

Our custom fitted mouth guards are of the highest quality to ensure that your teeth gets the protection they deserve. We understand that every mouth is different, which is why we make sure your mouth guard is custom fitted to the contours of your mouth and teeth. By doing this, not only does your mouth guard serve its practical purpose in reducing the risk of damage to your teeth, but it will also fit comfortably in your mouth as it is exclusively designed for you. With a high quality custom fitted mouth guard, not only are you protecting your teeth but you may also reduce risk of concussion from jaw impacts and jaw injuries as well.

The mouth guards are a regular use for sportspersons especially the ones in boxing and football. Its function is to provide protection to the teeth, tongue and the lips from getting damaged during action. The mouth guards are made from thermoplastic material consisting of several layers to distribute the force from impacts effectively.

If sports are a part of your life and you're looking for the best way to keep your smile flawless, contact Dentures Plus and ask about our custom made mouth guards in Christchurch. We will ensure you get the very best custom fitted mouth guard to help you keep your teeth safe from harm.

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Dentures Plus - Mouth Guards Christchurch
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Dentures Plus - Mouth Guards Christchurch
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Dentures Plus - Mouth Guards Christchurch

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Dentures Plus - Mouth Guards Christchurch

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