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Dentures Plus - Custom Fitted Mouth Guards made In Christchurch

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Children’s teeth are precious. But children also like to play sports and be involved in the physical contact that these activities can involve. The solution is a mouth guard and that’s where Dentures Plus comes in.

Besides all their services associated with the making and repairing of dentures, this practice offers custom-fitted mouth guards for children and for adults. “Mouth guards are an essential part of playing sports – particularly sports such as rugby, hockey and basketball,” says Ryan Carlton of Dentures Plus. “Not only do they help protect teeth, but they also help prevent concussion and jaw injuries.”

Ryan has a great deal of experience in the professional moulding and fitting of mouth guards. It’s a personal interest and makes a bit of a change from fitting dentures. “I like people to keep their teeth, especially children. That’s why we have a special offer for school age kids on our heat- moulded rubber mouth guards. These mouth guards are custom-made for each child and although children’s mouths and teeth are still developing, the mouth guard should last for a season”.

There are just two appointments needed – the first to take a mould of the upper teeth and the second to check that the mouth guard is fitting properly and is comfortable. “We make sure our mouth guards are fun as well as functional. We have them in a big range of colours to suit children’s personalities”.

Dentures Plus is located at 396 Innes Road. Phone (03) 385 5517. Open Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm, and on Friday 8am – 2pm. Check out their Caldent denture cleaner as well.

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