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Dentures Plus - New Zealand’s flexible denture specialists

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Innovation is a mark of the work done by Dentures Plus but now flexibility is also an appropriate byword.

In fact, owner Ryan Carlton describes his company as “New Zealand’s flexible denture specialists.”

Dentures Plus leads the industry in design and manufacture of flexible dentures.

The flexible nylon-based material is most appropriate for partial dentures of one, two or three teeth, but it is possible to include more teeth on the denture.

“They can be made a lot smaller and a lot stronger, too,” Ryan says.

“The technician who makes them would be one of the most experienced in New Zealand using that material.”

Formerly from South Canterbury, Ryan trained in Wellington and Dunedin before moving to Christchurch after he qualified in 2001. His mother had worked as a dental technician when she was in her early 20s.

Since he bought Dentures Plus last year, Carlton has made a considerable investment in state-of-the-art technology, buying a new injection moulding machine and adding a second one to increase his production capacity.

“We make a lot of bite splints for people who grind their teeth in their sleep and for those who suffer from jaw discomfort. The bite splint fits like a small mouthguard over the upper teeth snugly and very comfortably,” he says.

“Teeth grinding can cause issues within the jaw joint, causing muscle pain and pain into the jaw joint. The splint protects teeth. Grinding can do quite a lot of damage to teeth and the noise it makes can be quite horrific for a partner.”

Staff frequently participate in training courses to up-skill so that new techniques and services can be offered to patients.

“We rehabilitate the mouth to give back your smile and function,” Ryan says.

Good mouth care is often overlooked by people.

“Teeth are something that we, as a nation, leave until last,” he says.

“So many other things are put before them. Yet the sooner dental matters are resolved the better. Gums can be affected by bacteria growing on dentures which in turn can lead to oral decay and sore, inflamed gums.”

Ryan says Dentures Plus’s fast denture repair services usually has the job done within one to two hours, a boon to all those who are reluctant to expose gaps in their teeth.

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