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Implant, regular or immediate dentures - what is the right fit for you?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

No matter how realistic they appear, dentures are never as good as well-maintained natural teeth, so anything that improves fit and function is a big deal.

Most first-time denture wearers opt for traditional floating dentures, although it is telling that longtime users keen for a better experience usually go for implants.  Implants cost more than floating dentures but few people who make the switch ever regret it.

Using small clips embedded in the jaw, implant-retained dentures provide a stronger bite and put an end to worries that a denture could come loose mid-laugh or while eating.

You might have only half your bite force with a full lower denture. That can be greatly increased with implants, which makes eating much more pleasant and increases the range of foods you can eat.  Getting the implants is a simple procedure but it can make the denture much more stable.

People with dentures are often limited to foods they can eat successfully, which can present problems when going to a restaurant or a friend’s house for dinner. For some people, the pain and embarrassment of poorly fitting dentures is enough to stop them going out at all.

With implants, the denture can still be removed for cleaning or any other time the wearer wants, but when attached will stay securely in place.

The clips that hold the denture are implanted by an oral surgeon or dentist and usually take a couple of months to bed in.

The denture, meanwhile, is prepared by a specialist clinic such as Dentures Plus, which has one of the best-equipped facilities in Christchurch.

Implant, regular and “immediate” dentures – which can be fitted the same day teeth are removed – are custom-made for patients using high-tech fabrication processes at the St Albans clinic.

Acrylic is used to produce hard-wearing dentures with the snuggist, most true-to-form fit the industry can provide, while teeth are painstakingly positioned with the tiny twists and turns that ensure a finish indistinguishable from the real thing.

Sometimes a patient’s existing denture can be used for attaching to implants.

Dentures of all kinds require proper upkeep if they are to remain comfortable and free of the bacteria that can cause bad breath.  Unfortunately, most cleaning solutions sold in supermarkets do a poor job of removing the plaque and bacteria that can build up on not only the teeth but also the denture, by far the best cleaning product is Caldent.

Known to be the gold standard in denture cleaning solutions, Caldent is sold over the counter at Dentures Plus or online through our website. Solution baths, brushes, pastes and options for pain relief are also available.

We offer a free consultation to allow us to evaluate your dentures and give you all the options

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Denture specialists expert at problem solving for patients

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ryan Carlton and his team of expert technicians at Dentures Plus in Innes Road are highly skilled in the design and manufacture of flexible partial dentures.

“We also use industry-leading injection moulding equipment for all our dentures, Ryan says, “and we provide dentures not only for our own patients, but also for dentists throughout New Zealand.”

For anyone experiencing problems with their teeth or gums Dentures Plus offers a free consultation to assess their oral health and possible treatment plans, Ryan says. “People needing first-time dentures or immediate dentures can come directly to us and we will work with their regular dentist or if necessary arrange with another dentist for the extraction of their teeth in preparation for getting dentures fitted,” he says.

“Our team are excellent at problem solving for our patients and providing them with a comfortable, functional, natural-looking solution.” Ryan emphasises the importance of keeping dentures clean and healthy to avoid the damage that can occur from wearing them. Dentures Plus offers a full range of products for keeping dentures in tip-top condition, including denture cleaners, brushes and denture baths for soaking the dentures.

He particularly recommends Caldent denture cleaner, as it is non-abrasive and effectively removes stains, calculus and plaque. All the products can be purchased at the clinic, or through the Dentures Plus website,

While Christmas is still a few months away, for those people wanting to have new dentures in time for the festive season, now is the time to get the process
underway, Ryan says. “By talking to us now, and getting started, the new dentures will be settled in and comfortable by Christmas, so you can enjoy all the festivities without any denture problems.”

Dentures Plus is located at 396 Innes Road. To make an appointment to discuss your needs, phone 385 55127.

Smile with confidence

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dentures Plus offers the premium Caldent dentures cleaner to keep your smile looking good by removing all stains and build-up, and also special denture baths and brushes.

Caldent is the best on the market”, says Ryan Carlton, clinical dental technician at Dentures Plus. "Our brushes have double-sided bristles and larger handles, which is particularly good for people who have arthritis or trouble gripping. Our dentures baths are available in a range of different sizes. We use the latest products and technology, as well as continuous training to keep up with the new developments and techniques”.

Ryan, who has 18 years of experience in the industry, says the company’s main focus is on dentures that appear natural. “We want our clients smile to look like nice teeth rather than dentures. We take time to ensure they are happy- it’s about what the clients wants, not what we want”.

Although Christmas seems far away, if you need dentures, now is an ideal time, he says “It takes four or five appointments to fit dentures, and the patient may need several adjustments over a few weeks afterwards for then to settle. To be ready in time for the Christmas season, now is a good time to start thinking about dentures".

Denture technicians keep abreast of industry developments

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

As registered members of the New Zealand Dental Council, Ryan Carlton and his fellow technicians at Dentures Plus in Innes Road are required to undertake verified training at various courses every year to upskill and keep abreast of new developments in the industry.

“For example, our technicians Thomas Gu and Nicole Yee will be attending a two day course later this year on the fitting of first-time dentures”, Ryan says.

In addition, Nicole has recently spent four weeks in India as part of a course she is undertaking on maxilo facial work, which deals with artificial eyes, ears and noses.

“This is a service we may potentially offer in the future”. Ryan says.

Ryan himself has recently returned from the International Dental Show which was held in Cologne, Germany.

“It’s the largest trade show in the world for the industry, with manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world showcasing their products. There were over 2300 stands- it really was eye-opening”.

Ryan says he was particularly interested in how digital technology is being incorporated into dentistry, for example 3D printing being used at different stages of denture manufacture such as crown and bridge.

“It’s still in the very early stages, and it needs more development but that’s where it’s heading” Ryan says.

He believes that in the future, people that make and fit dentures will be seen as architects rather than technicians, with patients being able to download the pattern for their dentures the architect designed on computer and print them on a 3D machine.

In the meantime, his emphasis the importance of keeping dentures clean. Dentures Plus offers a full range of denture cleaning products including dentures cleaners, brushes and denture baths for soaking dentures.

Ryan particularly recommends Caldent denture cleaner, as it is non-abrasive and effectively removes stains, calculus and plaque.

“It works wonders “he says “Years of stains and plaque can be removed with this product”

It can be purchased through the Dentures Plus website.

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